The prices of flower delivery in Hong Kong can vary widely depending on which florist you shop with. This can be confusing, especially if you're sending flowers from overseas, you're not sure what local people commonly spend on flowers, and you're not even familiar with the local currency. Many customers begin their flower shopping by doing a search on Google for "Hong Kong Florist" or something along those lines. Here's a comparison of some of the bouquet prices of some of the florists in Hong Kong that appear on the search results.

 Hong Kong Florist Bouquet Price (HK$)
Flowerbee ( $875
M Florist ( $1,880
Flannel Flowers ( $2,080
Rosewood ( $1,988
Van Der Bloom ( $1,980
Ellermann ( $2,280


For the purposes of comparison we have tried to choose flower bouquets that are of similar size from each of the florists. So for example, for Flowerbee and MFlorist we have chosen bouquets that are both 30cm in diameter.

There are many reasons for the difference in flower prices charged by Hong Kong flower shops. These include the brand image of the florist and also the origin of the flowers used.

Some florists like Flowerbee and Flower Chimp have brands that are not positioned at the same luxury level as florists such as Flannel Flowers and Ellermann. Flowerbee and Flowerchimp are online-only florists, so they don't have a physical store front like Flannel Flowers and Ellermann to pay rent for in a high-end shopping mall. Hong Kong by most measures has the most expensive rents in the world. Bear in mind when sending flowers that some Hong Kong people are very brand conscious, so if you know the recipient who you are sending to would really care about receiving a luxury brand, you may want to pay more for your flower bouquet.

Florists in Hong Kong also source their flowers from different growers around the world, which also affects pricing. Some source their blooms locally from flower growers in Kunming China, while others source from far-flung places such Holland, South America and Africa. Most florists mix flowers from different origins into the same bouquet. Different regions are known for different types of flowers, so for example Holland is particularly famous for tulips, while Ecuador is known for its roses.

Things to consider when deciding whether to go for a more expensive florist include whether the recipient is particularly discerning and would for instance expect the very best type of rose. On the flip side, maybe you or the recipient is mindful of the environmental cost of flying in flowers from the other side of the world, and would prefer a bouquet made using more locally grown flowers, which can be more friendly on the planet as well as your pocket. Often locally sourced flowers are fresher as well, because they don't need to travel as far, and that results in a longer vase life when the bouquet reaches the receiver.

Choosing which florist to go with when sending a bouquet in Hong Kong really comes down to who is sending and receiving the flowers. If the occasion calls for a luxury brand where the origin of the flowers absolutely matters, then consider going for a high-end florist with a fancy physical store. But for many special occasions, an online-only florist using mostly locally sourced flowers will create a bouquet that is just as meaningful and beautiful.

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