Tung Chung

Flowerbee is a florist shop (花店) that offers flower delivery (送花) to Tung Chung (東涌).

Nestled on the northwest coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Tung Chung is a vibrant and dynamic district that seamlessly combines modernity with tradition. Boasting a rich tapestry of experiences, Tung Chung offers locals and visitors alike a perfect blend of delectable cuisine, exciting shopping destinations, and captivating sightseeing spots.

Tung Chung is a shopaholic's paradise, with Citygate Outlets being a central hub for retail therapy. Boasting over 80 international brands at discounted prices, this shopping destination is a haven for fashion enthusiasts. From high-end fashion to sportswear and lifestyle products, Citygate Outlets has it all. For a more local shopping experience, explore the vibrant street markets around Tung Chung North Park. Here, you'll discover a variety of stalls selling everything from souvenirs and accessories to local snacks. Engage with friendly vendors, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this bustling market.

For those craving authentic Cantonese cuisine, Paradise Dynasty Located in Citygate Outlets, this eatery offers a delightful array of dim sum, seafood delicacies, and traditional Chinese dishes. For a lighter bite, Visit Mavericks Café, a cozy establishment that combines a laid-back atmosphere with an eclectic menu. From artisanal coffee to mouthwatering brunch options, Mavericks is the ideal spot for a leisurely lunch.

To explore a touch of nature, Nature enthusiasts can explore the picturesque Lantau Trail, which starts in Tung Chung. The trail winds through lush greenery, offering stunning vistas of the South China Sea and the surrounding islands. Tung Chung is synonymous with the iconic Ngong Ping 360, a scenic cable car ride that offers breathtaking views of Lantau Island. Glide over lush mountains and serene waters as you make your way to Ngong Ping Village, where the awe-inspiring Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery await.

There are some small local florists that add a touch of floral blooms to your home or gift to a friend. Sweet Flower Shop 甜蜜花店 near tat Tung Road, offers chic modern bouquets to classic floral displays. Explore further out for more special occasions and prepare beforehand by visiting florists on the main hk city centre to celebrate within Tung Chung, The Floristry www.the-floristry.com curates flowers inspired by the wild, elegant, showstopping blooms that have a heartfelt touch of poetic beauty in each bouquet collection. Living Aloha Bloom has modern www.livingalohabloom.com/, bright clean bouquets that add a neat charm to every space it resides in.

These carefully curated establishments are more than just flower shops; they are sanctuaries of beauty and creativity. Whether you seek a romantic gesture, a celebratory centerpiece, or a simple yet elegant bouquet, they are ready to cater to each special occasion.

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