Yuen Long

Flowerbee is a florist shop (花店) that offers flower delivery (送花) to Yuen Long (元朗).

Yuen Long, a vibrant suburban district located in the northwest of Hong Kong, has recently become a hub for trendy cafes, quirky shops, and unique experiences, making it an ideal destination for young cool people seeking to explore a different side of the city outside the bustling downtown. With its charming blend of old and new, Yuen Long offers a refreshing and offbeat atmosphere, filled with hidden gems worth discovering. We delve into some specific examples of cafes and shops that cater to the tastes of the young and cool crowd.

First up, coffee enthusiasts should not miss a visit to "The Storyteller," a cozy and artsy café nestled in the heart of Yuen Long. This café is the perfect spot for young cool people to relax, sip on a delicious cup of coffee, and immerse themselves in a world of literature. Decorated with bookshelves filled with both local and international literary works, The Storyteller invites its patrons to indulge in their love for reading while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of joe. The café also hosts various events such as book launches, poetry readings, and open mic nights, adding an extra touch of creativity to the Yuen Long coffee scene.

For those seeking unconventional shopping experiences, "Dollme" is a must-visit store in Yuen Long. Nestled in the lively Yuen Long Town Plaza, Dollme showcases an intriguing collection of art toys, vinyl figurines, and exquisite lifestyle products. This vibrant shop is a haven for young cool people who appreciate contemporary design and have a penchant for collecting unique items. Whether you are a fan of pop culture icons or appreciate the craftsmanship of local and international artists, Dollme offers a treasure trove of curiosities that will satiate your thirst for something truly out of the ordinary.

Moving on to the culinary scene, "Artisan Garden Café" is a gem that cannot be missed when exploring trendy places in Yuen Long. Situated in the tranquil Kam Tin Village, this café stands out for its rustic charm and farm-to-table concept. Artisan Garden not only serves delectable dishes and artisanal beverages, but it also cultivates its own organic farm, ensuring an unparalleled freshness in its ingredients. Young cool people who appreciate sustainability and a farm-like ambiance will find solace in this hidden café. From mouthwatering brunch options to homemade desserts, Artisan Garden Café promises an unforgettable dining experience that is both trendy and eco-friendly.

Young cool people with a love for fashion should pay a visit to "Vintage Studio," a vintage clothing store in Yuen Long that offers an eclectic mix of retro, vintage, and second-hand clothing. Catering to the growing interest in sustainable fashion, Vintage Studio sources unique pieces from all over the world and curates a collection that reflects the latest trends. With its hipster vibes and an extensive selection of jackets, dresses, denim, and accessories, young fashion enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of hunting for one-of-a-kind finds and expressing their individuality through their personal style.

For art lovers, "Powder Works" is a contemporary art space that showcases exhibitions and collaborations with both local and international artists. Located in an old factory building in Yuen Long, Powder Works serves as a platform for emerging artists to display their creations and engage with the community. This trendy art space not only offers visitors the chance to appreciate diverse forms of art but also hosts workshops, seminars, and live performances, enabling young cool people to immerse themselves fully in the artistic scene of this emerging district.

Lastly, to round up the list of trendy places in Yuen Long, "Fondue Cheese Cow Café" deserves a mention. A unique café concept that combines cheese, cute cow-themed decorations, and a cozy ambiance, this spot is immensely popular among young cool people. Apart from their signature cheese fondues, this café also serves a variety of mouthwatering dishes and desserts, all centered around the delicious dairy product. It is the perfect place to indulge in cheesy delights while capturing Instagram-worthy shots amidst the quirky cow-themed decorations.

Yuen Long has blossomed as a trendy haven for young cool people seeking alternative experiences beyond the city's crowded downtown areas. With its range of hipster cafes, quirky shops, and artistic spaces, Yuen Long has something unique to offer to this vibrant demographic. From sipping coffee in a literary wonderland at The Storyteller to uncovering hidden vintage gems at Vintage Studio, Yuen Long is a treasure trove waiting to be explored by the trendy and adventurous at heart. So, venture out and discover the offbeat side of Hong Kong in Yuen Long, where cool cafes and shops are waiting to be discovered.

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