Kwun Tong

Flowerbee is a florist shop (花店) that offers flower delivery (送花) to Kwun Tong (觀塘)

Hong Kong is known for its energetic atmosphere and vibrant culture, and one neighborhood that perfectly embodies this spirit is Kwun Tong. Located on the eastern side of the Kowloon Peninsula, Kwun Tong has quickly become a hotspot for trendy young individuals seeking unique experiences. From chic cafes to trendy shops, there are plenty of cool places to explore in this bustling neighborhood.


1. Hong Kee Cafe – Nestled in an industrial building, Hong Kee Cafe offers a unique atmosphere with its rustic decor and vintage furniture. Their extensive menu encompasses both local and Western dishes, but their Hong Kong-style milk tea and egg tarts are to die for. Grab a book and spend a lazy afternoon sipping tea at this hidden gem.

2. Omotesando Koffee – This stylish Japanese coffee shop has a minimalist design that creates a calming and zen-like ambiance. Omotesando Koffee is known for its exceptional coffee brewed using the siphon method, providing a full-bodied and aromatic cup of joe. Don't forget to try their signature custard-filled "Kashi" cube, a sweet delight that perfectly complements their coffee selection.

3. Piu Piu Piu – If you're looking for a hipster hangout, Piu Piu Piu should be on your list. The cafe is decorated with quirky artwork and vintage items, epitomizing Kwun Tong's creative and artsy vibe. Alongside their specialty coffee, they also serve delectable pastries and sandwiches. Enjoy great conversations with friends while appreciating the artistic surroundings at this cozy spot.


1. The Mills – Kwun Tong’s answer to Hong Kong's creative scene, The Mills is a revitalized textile factory turned cultural and retail hub. This innovative space features various pop-up shops, independent boutiques, and art galleries. Explore fashion brands such as Grana and Fingercroxx, shop for unique homeware at Konzepp, or immerse yourself in contemporary art exhibitions at The Story of Mills.

2. Weekend Workshop – If you have a penchant for retro fashion, a visit to Weekend Workshop is a must. This vintage clothing store specializes in curated collections of nostalgic clothing items from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. From funky printed shirts to iconic denim jackets, you'll find a wide range of timeless pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. PMQ Design Mart – Although technically not in Kwun Tong, PMQ Design Mart is worth the short trip to nearby Sheung Wan. Housed in a former police quarters building, this creative marketplace showcases local designers and artisans. Here, you can browse through a variety of unique handmade crafts, jewelry, apparel, and home decor items, all created by talented Hong Kong creatives.


1. Kwun Tong Promenade – After exploring the cafes and shops, take a stroll along the Kwun Tong Promenade. This waterfront walkway offers stunning views of Victoria Harbour, with seating areas that invite visitors to relax and soak in the atmosphere. The promenade is also home to various public artworks, adding an artistic touch to this picturesque spot.

2. APM Millennium City – For a dose of retail therapy, head to APM Millennium City, one of Kwun Tong's largest shopping malls. This multi-level complex features a wide range of trendy fashion boutiques, beauty stores, and internationally recognized brands. With its contemporary design and lively ambiance, APM is the perfect place to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

3. Little Bangkok – Located on Kwun Tong's Yuet Nam Street, Little Bangkok is a food-lover's paradise. This vibrant and bustling street boasts numerous Thai restaurants, serving authentic and mouthwatering Thai dishes. Spice up your taste buds with a flavorsome Tom Yum Goong or indulge in fragrant Pad Thai noodles. Little Bangkok is the go-to place for an unforgettable Thai dining experience.

Kwun Tong has certainly established itself as a getaway for trendy young individuals seeking an authentic and artistic experience in Hong Kong. From quirky cafes to indie shops and vibrant attractions, this neighborhood offers a perfect blend of East-meets-West culture, making it an exciting destination to explore. So, grab your camera, put on your trendy outfit, and immerse yourself in the cool vibe of Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

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