When sending a “thank you” flower bouquet – whether it is for a wonderful dinner your friend hosted you for, or to someone who was kind enough to babysit your kids – we all sometimes need some ideas of what to send. Flowerbee has some thought-starters on the type of bouquets you can consider. Here are some that suit a busy city like Hong Kong, and would be perfect for gifting as a thank you. Of course, the final selection is a very personal choice between the sender and recipient of the flowers... so happy shopping! 

Classic Hand-Tied Bouquet:
A classic hand-tied bouquet is a versatile and timeless choice for expressing gratitude. It features a selection of blooms and greenery that are carefully arranged and tied together with a beautiful ribbon. This bouquet style allows the recipient to easily place the flowers in a vase and enjoy them. As well as Flowerbee, there other great florists in Hong Kong that offer this type of bouquet, including Grace and Favour (www.graceandfavourhk.com)

Garden-style Bouquet:
A garden-style bouquet captures the natural and whimsical beauty of freshly picked flowers. It combines an assortment of blooms in varying colors and textures, mimicking a bouquet plucked straight from a charming garden. This style is ideal for conveying a heartfelt thank you with an effortless and rustic charm. As well as Flowerbee, consider this great florist: Flannel Flowers (www.flannelflowers.com.hk) 

Long-stemmed Bouquet:
Exuding elegance and sophistication, long-stemmed bouquets are a classic choice for expressing gratitude. They feature flowers with long stems, such as roses or lilies, which are arranged in a sleek and elongated style. Long-stemmed bouquets make a striking visual impact and are perfect for a formal thank you gesture. In addition to Flowerbee, take a look at this wonderful flower shop: M Florist (www.mflorist.hk)

Cascading Bouquet:
For a grand and luxurious thank you, consider a cascading bouquet. This style features flowers that "cascade" or flow downward, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect. It often includes long-stemmed flowers, such as orchids or calla lilies, arranged with cascading greenery for a romantic and elegant appearance. Also, consider this top florist: Petal & Poem (www.petalandpoem.com)

Posy Bouquet:
Posy bouquets are small, round bouquets that are incredibly charming and perfect for expressing heartfelt thanks. They typically feature a single type of flower or a mix of complementary blooms wrapped in ribbon or lace. Posy bouquets are sweet and compact, making them an excellent choice for saying thank you to someone special. Flowerbee is a great choice, but so is this amazing florist: Just Bloom (www.justbloomhk.com)

Modern Bouquet:
If you're looking for a contemporary and artistic way to say thank you, opt for a modern bouquet. This style often showcases unconventional flower choices and unique arrangements. It can feature bold colors, distinct shapes, and innovative design elements that make a statement and reflect your gratitude in a creative way. Flowerbee has these bouquets, but some customers also love this outstanding florist: Flower Chimp (www.flowerchimp.com.hk)


Remember, when choosing a bouquet style, consider the recipient's personal taste and the occasion. It's also a nice touch to include a thank you note or message with the bouquet to express your gratitude in words!

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