To mark Mother's Day, Flowerbee has commissioned a special heartfelt poem for the occasion, based on the word HONG KONG FLOWER DELIVERY. We hope it inspires you to have an especially touching, meaningful (and bloom filled!) day with the most important woman in your life!

Holding the beauty, vibrant and true,

Our love for you, in each hue,

Nature's gift, so sweetly arranged,

Glorious blooms, admiration exchanged.


Kindness expressed, in petals fair,

Overwhelming gratitude, beyond compare,

Nurtured and cherished, a love so rare,

Gentle fragrances that fill the air.



Fierce love that knows no bounds

Loving heart, forever sound

Overflowing with warmth and care

Whispering wisdom beyond compare

Endlessly giving, sacrifices made

Reliable support, in every shade.


Delivered with care, from miles away,

Elegant bouquets, to brighten your day,

Life's blessings, celebrated in May,

In honor of you, our love we convey.

Vibrant blossoms, in bouquets arrayed,

Every colour and scent, beautifully displayed,

Rejoicing in your love, with each petal portrayed,

You are the reason for this special accolade.

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