Planning a romantic staycation in Hong Kong? Look no further! Below is a curated list of the best hotels in Hong Kong that are perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking to spend quality time with your loved one, these hotels offer luxurious amenities and stunning views that will make your stay unforgettable.


1. The Upper House

Located in the heart of Admiralty, The Upper House is known for its sleek design, spacious rooms, and panoramic views of the city skyline. The hotel's tranquil atmosphere and personalized service make it a top choice for couples looking for a romantic retreat. Check out their website here.

2. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Situated on the top floors of the International Commerce Centre, The Ritz-Carlton offers unparalleled luxury and breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. Indulge in a couples' spa treatment or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the hotel's award-winning restaurants. Visit their website here.

3. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

With its iconic waterfront location in Central, the Mandarin Oriental is a timeless classic when it comes to luxury hotels in Hong Kong. Treat yourselves to a romantic afternoon tea or unwind in the hotel's spa for a truly relaxing experience. Explore their website here.

4. The Peninsula Hong Kong

As one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in Hong Kong, The Peninsula exudes old-world charm and elegance. Enjoy a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride or savor a candlelit dinner overlooking the glittering skyline. Plan your staycation at The Peninsula here.

Best flowers for a romantic staycation

Planning a romantic staycation and want to set the perfect mood with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Look no further! Here is a guide to the best flower bouquets to take on your romantic staycation.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are a classic symbol of love and passion, making them the perfect choice for a romantic staycation. Their deep red color and elegant appearance will surely set the mood for a romantic evening in.

2. Peonies

Known for their lush, full blooms and delicate fragrance, peonies are a popular choice for romantic occasions. Their soft petals and romantic charm make them a great option for a staycation with your loved one.

3. Lilies

Lilies are not only beautiful to look at but also have a sweet, lingering fragrance that can fill the room with a romantic scent. Their elegant appearance and symbolic meaning of purity and devotion make them a great choice for a romantic staycation.

4. Tulips

Tulips come in a variety of colors and symbolize perfect love, making them a great choice for a romantic gesture. Their simple yet elegant appearance can brighten up any staycation setting.

5. Orchids

Orchids are exotic and elegant flowers that symbolize love, beauty, and strength. Their unique appearance and long-lasting blooms make them a great choice for a romantic staycation that will last beyond just a few days.

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