When it comes to expressing love and affection, roses have long been the go-to flower. But did you know that the number of roses in a bouquet can convey a hidden message? It's like a secret code for your feelings! So, whether you're planning to surprise your significant other or just want to brush up on your floral knowledge, let's dive into the meaning behind the different number of roses in a bouquet.

1 Rose: Love at First Sight

One rose says it all – "I love you" or "I'm falling for you." It's the perfect choice for those who believe in love at first sight or want to make a bold statement. Just make sure you're ready to back it up with some serious commitment!

3 Roses: Three Little Words

Three roses are all about those three little words – "I love you." This classic trio represents the three powerful words that can melt hearts and make your loved one weak in the knees. It's a simple yet powerful way to express your affection.

6 Roses: Infatuation

Six roses symbolize infatuation and the desire to be with someone. It's a way of saying, "I'm head over heels for you" or "I can't get enough of you." This bouquet is perfect for new relationships or to reignite the spark in a long-term one.

12 Roses: Be Mine

A dozen roses is the ultimate declaration of love. It's a way of saying, "Be mine" or "You're my one and only." This classic bouquet is a timeless gesture that will sweep your loved one off their feet. Just be prepared for some serious romance!

24 Roses: Forever Yours

Two dozen roses represent the idea of being together forever. It's a way of saying, "I'm yours, now and always" or "Our love is everlasting." This grand gesture is perfect for anniversaries, milestone celebrations, or when you want to make a lasting impression.

50 Roses: Unconditional Love

Fifty roses are a symbol of unconditional love. It's a way of saying, "I love you no matter what" or "Our love is limitless." This extravagant bouquet is reserved for those special occasions when you want to show just how deep your love runs.

99 Roses: Everlasting Love

Ninety-nine roses represent everlasting love. It's a way of saying, "I'll love you until the end of time" or "Our love is eternal." This extravagant bouquet is a true showstopper and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

108 Roses: Marriage Proposal

One hundred and eight roses are traditionally used for marriage proposals in some cultures. It's a way of saying, "Will you marry me?" or "Let's spend the rest of our lives together." This bouquet is not for the faint of heart and should only be used when you're ready to take that next big step.

365 Roses: Every Day of the Year

Three hundred and sixty-five roses represent love every day of the year. It's a way of saying, "I love you every single day" or "You're always on my mind." This extravagant bouquet is a true testament to your love and devotion.



當談到表達愛和感情時,玫瑰一直是首選鮮花。 但你知道一束玫瑰花的數量可以傳達一個隱藏的訊息嗎? 這就像你感情的密碼! 因此,無論您是打算給您的另一半一個驚喜,還是只是想溫習花藝知識,讓我們深入了解花束中不同數量的玫瑰背後的含義。

一朵玫瑰說明了一切——「我愛你」或「我愛上你了」。 對於那些相信一見鍾情或想要大膽表白的人來說,這是完美的選擇。 只要確保您準備好以一些嚴肅的承諾來支持它即可!

三朵玫瑰代表這三個小字——「我愛你」。 這個經典的三重奏代表了三個強有力的詞,可以融化你的心,讓你所愛的人膝蓋發軟。 這是表達感情的簡單而有力的方式。

六朵玫瑰象徵著迷和渴望與某人在一起。 這是一種表達「我為你神魂顛倒」或「我無法滿足你」的方式。 這束花非常適合建立新的關係或重新點燃長期關係的火花。

一打玫瑰是愛的終極宣言。 這是一種表達「成為我的」或「你是我的唯一」的方式。 這束經典的花束是一種永恆的姿態,會讓您所愛的人為之傾倒。 準備好迎接一些嚴肅的浪漫吧!

兩打玫瑰代表永遠在一起的想法。 這是一種表達「我是你的,現在和永遠」或「我們的愛是永恆的」的方式。 這一盛大的舉動非常適合週年紀念日、里程碑式的慶祝活動,或當您想給人留下持久的印象時。

五十朵玫瑰象徵無條件的愛。 這是一種表達「無論如何我愛你」或「我們的愛是無限的」的方式。 當您想表達您的愛有多深時,這款奢華的花束適合在特殊場合使用。

九十九朵玫瑰代表永恆的愛情。 這是一種表達「我會愛你直到時間的盡頭」或「我們的愛是永恆的」的方式。 這束奢華的花束確實引人注目,一定會讓人留下深刻的印象。

在某些文化中,傳統上會用一百零八朵玫瑰求婚。 這是一種表達「你願意嫁給我嗎?」的方式。 或“讓我們一起度過餘生。” 這束花不適合膽小的人,只有當您準備好邁出下一步時才可以使用。

三百六十五朵玫瑰代表一年中的每一天的愛。 這是一種表達「我每天都愛你」或「你永遠在我腦海中」的方式。 這束奢華的花束是對您的愛和奉獻的真實證明。


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