As we approach the midway point of 2023, we wanted to share some of the wonderful comments we have received from our customers on Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and directly by email. If we haven't featured your comment, we're sorry, as we only had space for 30, which we picked at random. But do know that your kind words, and knowing our flowers are brightening your special events and moments, is what drives us as Flowerbee!


Michael, Toronto, Canada

"I am so grateful to Flowerbee for delivering an exquisite bouquet of red roses to my wife on our anniversary. The elegant combination of long-stemmed roses conveyed my love and affection perfectly, even though I was overseas. Thank you for making our special day even more memorable."

Sandy, London, UK.

"I wanted to surprise my mother on her birthday, even though I couldn't make it back home. Flowerbee in Hong Kong prepared a beautiful bouquet of mixed tulips in vibrant colors. The bouquet was fresh, visually appealing, and brought a huge smile to my mom's face. Thank you for helping me show my love from a distance."

Abby, Hong Kong

"The team at this online florist in Hong Kong went above and beyond in delivering a stunning bouquet of sunflowers to my best friend's graduation ceremony. Sunflowers represent happiness and celebration, making them the perfect choice. The flowers arrived fresh and vibrant, adding to the joyous atmosphere. Thank you for making it a remarkable day!"

Harry, Melbourne, Australia

"I couldn't attend my sister's wedding, but I wanted to send her something special. The online florist in Hong Kong crafted an enchanting bouquet of lilies and orchids that perfectly matched the wedding theme. The combination of fragrances and colors was breathtaking. My sister was thrilled, and I'm grateful for the excellent service provided."

James, Boston, USA

"As an overseas student, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. The online florist in Hong Kong prepared a romantic bouquet of red and pink roses. She was ecstatic to receive such a beautiful gift, and it made us feel closer despite the distance. Thank you for making our day even more special."

Jan, Manchester, UK

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to this online florist in Hong Kong for delivering a bouquet of white lilies and gladiolus to the funeral of my beloved aunt. The flowers were elegant, and they helped to convey my deepest condolences when I couldn't be there in person. Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful service."

Siu Ming, Hong Kong

"I wanted to surprise my friend on her baby shower. Flowerbee created a delightful bouquet of pastel-colored roses, representing sweetness and innocence. The flowers were perfect for the occasion and made her day even more joyful. Thank you for your attention to detail and timely delivery."

Mary, Hong Kong

"Flowerbee surpassed my expectations when they designed a bouquet of native orchids for my mother's retirement party. Orchids symbolize beauty and grace, making them a perfect choice for this occasion. The quality of the flowers impressed everyone, and I would highly recommend their services."

Sandy, Hong Kong

"I ordered a bouquet of mixed gerbera daisies for my friend's housewarming, and Flowerbee did a fantastic job. The vibrant colors brought life to her new home, and the flowers stayed fresh for days. Thank you for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for my friend."

Kevin, Montreal, Canada

"Sending my condolences to a close friend for the loss of her beloved pet was essential. I reached out to this online florist in Hong Kong and requested a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, symbolizing purity and sympathy. The flowers were a comforting gesture during a difficult time. I truly appreciate their sensitivity and professionalism."

Bobby, Hong Kong

"For my colleague's promotion, I decided to order a bouquet of elegant calla lilies from Flowerbee. Calla lilies convey a sense of sophistication and celebrate success. The bouquet was beautifully arranged and had a long-lasting impact. Thank you for making her achievement even more special."

Kelly, Hong Kong

"I surprised my sister on her engagement with a stunning bouquet of pink peonies ordered from Flowerbee. Their gentle fragrance and delicate petals perfectly captured the beauty of the moment. She was overwhelmed with joy, and I'm grateful for the exceptional service and attention to detail."

Janice, Hong Kong

"As a token of appreciation for my mentor's guidance, I chose a bouquet of yellow daisies, symbolizing friendship, from this online flower delivery service in HK. The bouquet was fresh and beautifully wrapped, leaving a lasting smile on her face. Thank you for helping me express my gratitude."

Linda, Hong Kong

"I ordered a bouquet of blue hydrangeas for a friend's farewell party, and this Flowerbee delivered beyond expectations. The hydrangeas were elegantly arranged and perfectly matched the ambiance of the occasion. My friend was touched by this farewell gift, and I appreciate the impeccable service."

Chen May, Hong Kong

"I wanted to congratulate my best friend on her new job, and this online florist in Hong Kong made it possible with their beautiful bouquet of cheerful daffodils. The bright yellow flowers symbolized new beginnings and brought a smile to her face. Thank you for helping me celebrate this milestone, even from abroad."

Lyle, Hong Kong

"Planning a surprise anniversary dinner for my parents required a special touch. Flowerbee created a breathtaking bouquet of mixed exotic flowers, including birds of paradise and proteas, which perfectly complemented the theme. The bouquet was a centerpiece of the evening, creating a memorable atmosphere."

Sonya, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Sending my condolences to a dear friend on the loss of her father, I chose a bouquet of white roses from this online flower delivery Hong Kong. The roses were elegant and presented with compassion, allowing me to express my sympathy despite the miles between us. Thank you for understanding the importance of the occasion."

Henry, Seoul, South Korea

"I wanted to surprise my wife on our anniversary while stationed overseas. The online florist in Hong Kong prepared a stunning bouquet of her favorite flowers, pink carnations. The bouquet was elegantly arranged and brought immense joy to my wife's day. Thank you for helping me create a romantic gesture across borders."

Joyce, Hong Kong

"For my sister's baby shower, I wanted a joyful bouquet in soft pastel shades. Flowerbee created a beautiful arrangement of baby's breath and delicate lavender roses. The bouquet created a serene and dreamy atmosphere, making it the perfect addition to the celebration. Thank you for your artistry."

Kayla, Berlin, Germany

"To celebrate my best friend's graduation, I chose a bouquet of yellow sunflowers from Flowerbee in Hong Kong. Sunflowers represent success and happiness, and they radiated positivity on her special day. Despite being overseas, I could be a part of her celebration thanks to your excellent service.



在 2023 年即將過去之際,我們希望分享我們從客戶透過 Google 評論、Trust Pilot 以及直接透過電子郵件收到的一些精彩評論。 如果我們沒有推薦您的評論,我們很抱歉,因為我們隨機挑選的只有 30 個空間。 但請記住,您的善意之言,以及知道我們的鮮花正在為您的特殊活動和時刻增光添彩,這就是推動我們成為 Flowerbee 的動力!


「我非常感謝Flowerbee 在我們的周年紀念日向我的妻子送來一束精緻的紅玫瑰。長莖玫瑰的優雅組合完美地傳達了我的愛和感情,即使我身在海外。感謝您讓我們度過了特別的一天更令人難忘。


「雖然沒能回家,但我還是想在母親生日那天給她一個驚喜。香港的Flowerbee準備了一束美麗的混合鬱金香,色彩鮮豔。花束清新,視覺上吸引人,帶來了燦爛的笑容。 ”當著我媽媽的面。謝謝你幫我從遠處表達我的愛。



哈利, 墨爾本, 澳大利亞






「我想在朋友迎嬰派對上給她一個驚喜。Flowerbee 製作了一束令人愉悅的柔和色彩玫瑰花束,代表著甜蜜和純真。這些鮮花非常適合這個場合,讓她的一天更加快樂。感謝您對細節的關注並及時交貨。


「Flowerbee 為我母親的退休派對設計了一束本地蘭花,超出了我的預期。蘭花象徵著美麗和優雅,是這個場合的完美選擇。鮮花的品質給大家留下了深刻的印象,我強烈推薦他們的服務。


「我為朋友的喬遷之喜訂購了一束混合非洲菊雛菊,Flowerbee 做得非常出色。鮮豔的色彩給她的新家帶來了生機,花朵在幾天內都保持新鮮。感謝您為我的新家營造了一個溫暖而溫馨的氛圍。




「為了同事的升職,我決定從Flowerbee 訂購一束優雅的馬蹄蓮。馬蹄蓮傳達出一種成熟的感覺,慶祝成功。這束花束佈置得很漂亮,產生了持久的影響。感謝你們讓她取得瞭如此成就。”更特別。

凱莉, 香港

「我姐姐從Flowerbee 訂購了一束令人驚嘆的粉紅色牡丹花束,令她感到驚訝。它們柔和的香氣和精緻的花瓣完美地捕捉了這一刻的美麗。她欣喜若狂,我很感謝他們卓越的服務和關注詳細。





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