Preserved flower bouquets are a beautiful and long-lasting alternative to fresh flower arrangements. These unique bouquets are made from real flowers that have been carefully preserved to maintain their natural beauty and freshness for months or even years. In this Flowerbee guide, we will explore everything you need to know about preserved flower bouquets, from how they are made to how to care for them.

What are preserved flower bouquets?

Preserved flower bouquets are made from real flowers that have undergone a special preservation process. This process involves removing the moisture from the flowers and replacing it with a glycerin-based solution. The result is a bouquet of flowers that looks and feels just like fresh flowers, but can last much longer.

How are preserved flower bouquets made?

The preservation process begins by selecting high-quality flowers at their peak freshness. These flowers are then carefully dehydrated to remove their moisture. Once the flowers are dehydrated, they are immersed in a glycerin-based solution. Over time, the flowers absorb the solution, which helps to maintain their shape, color, and texture.

Why choose preserved flower bouquets?

Preserved flower bouquets offer several advantages over fresh flower arrangements. Firstly, they require minimal maintenance. Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flower bouquets do not need water or sunlight to thrive. They can be displayed in any room without worrying about wilting or fading. Additionally, preserved flower bouquets are a sustainable choice. By opting for preserved flowers, you are reducing the demand for fresh flowers, which often involve extensive transportation and refrigeration.

How to care for preserved flower bouquets?

Caring for preserved flower bouquets is simple. To keep them looking their best, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or high humidity environments. Dust the flowers gently with a soft brush or use a hairdryer on the cool setting to remove any accumulated dust. It is also important to handle the flowers with care to prevent any damage.

Where to display preserved flower bouquets?

Preserved flower bouquets can be displayed in a variety of settings. They make stunning centerpieces for dining tables, elegant decorations for weddings or events, and beautiful accents for home or office spaces. The versatility of preserved flower bouquets allows you to enjoy their beauty in any room or occasion.

Preserved flower bouquets are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into your home or special event. With their long-lasting freshness and minimal maintenance requirements, they offer a unique and sustainable alternative to traditional fresh flower arrangements. By following the simple care instructions, you can enjoy the beauty of preserved flower bouquets for months or even years to come.



永生花花束是鮮花插花的美麗且持久的替代品。 這些獨特的花束由真花製成,經過精心保存,可保持數月甚至數年的自然美景和新鮮度。 在這本 Flowerbee 指南中,我們將探索您需要了解的有關永生花花束的所有信息,從它們的製作方法到如何照顧它們。

永生花花束是由經過特殊保存過程的真花製成的。 這個過程包括去除花朵中的水分並用甘油基溶液代替。 結果是一束花看起來和感覺起來都像鮮花,但可以保存更長時間。

保存過程首先選擇最新鮮的優質鮮花。 然後將這些花仔細脫水以除去水分。 花朵脫水後,將其浸入甘油溶液中。 隨著時間的推移,花朵會吸收溶液,這有助於保持其形狀、顏色和質地。

永生花花束比鮮花插花有幾個優點。 首先,它們需要最少的維護。 與鮮花不同,永生花不需要水或陽光就能茁壯成長。 它們可以展示在任何房間,而不必擔心枯萎或褪色。 此外,永生花花束是一種永續的選擇。 透過選擇永生花,您可以減少對鮮花的需求,因為鮮花通常需要大量的運輸和冷藏。

保養永生花花束很簡單。 為了讓它們保持最佳狀態,請避免將它們放置在陽光直射或高濕度的環境中。 用軟刷輕輕地除塵,或使用吹風機在涼爽的環境下去除積聚的灰塵。 小心處理鮮花以防止任何損壞也很重要。

永生花花束可以在多種環境中展示。 它們為餐桌打造令人驚嘆的中心裝飾品,為婚禮或活動打造優雅的裝飾,為家庭或辦公空間打造美麗的裝飾。 永生花花束的多功能性使您可以在任何房間或場合欣賞它們的美麗。

永生花花束是將自然之美帶入您的家中或特殊活動的絕佳方式。 憑藉其持久的新鮮度和最少的維護要求,它們為傳統鮮花插花提供了獨特且可持續的替代品。 遵循簡單的護理說明,您可以在未來幾個月甚至幾年內享受永生花束的美麗。

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