Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in Hong Kong! Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with proper guidance, you can navigate the process smoothly. In this guide, we will cover the best season to get married, whether to use a wedding planner or plan it yourself, and provide tips to help you through the process. 

Best Season to Get Married in Hong Kong

Hong Kong experiences a subtropical climate, which means it has four distinct seasons. Here's a breakdown of each season to help you determine the best time for your wedding:

  1. Spring (March to May): Spring in Hong Kong is characterized by pleasant weather, moderate temperatures, and blossoming flowers. It's a popular season for weddings due to the comfortable weather and beautiful scenery.

  2. Summer (June to August): Summers in Hong Kong are hot and humid, with occasional rain showers and typhoons. However, if you plan an indoor wedding or find a venue with air conditioning, you can still have a memorable wedding during this season. Consider the iconic Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui:

  3. Autumn (September to November): Autumn is considered the most popular season for weddings in Hong Kong. The weather is mild, with lower humidity and less rainfall. The landscape also offers stunning autumn foliage, making it an excellent backdrop for your special day. Consider the Verandah in Repulse Bay:

  4. Winter (December to February): Winter in Hong Kong is relatively mild, with cooler temperatures and occasional dry and sunny days. If you prefer a cozy indoor wedding or want to take advantage of the festive season, winter can be a great option.

Ultimately, the best season for your wedding in Hong Kong depends on your personal preferences and the availability of venues.

Wedding Planning: DIY or Wedding Planner?

Deciding whether to plan your wedding yourself or hire a wedding planner is an important consideration.


  • Pros:

    • You have full control over every aspect of your wedding.

    • It can be cost-effective if you have a limited budget.

    • Planning your own wedding can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

  • Cons:

    • It requires time, effort, and attention to detail.

    • Managing logistics and coordinating vendors can be challenging.

    • You might feel overwhelmed by the workload, especially if you have a limited support system.

Wedding Planner:

  • Pros:

    • Wedding planners have expertise and experience, making the planning process smoother.

    • They have established connections with vendors, which can lead to better deals and discounts.

    • A wedding planner will handle logistics and coordination, allowing you to enjoy the day without stress.

  • Cons:

    • Hiring a wedding planner can be an additional expense.

    • You may have less control over certain aspects compared to planning it yourself.

Consider your budget, available time, and personal preferences to determine which option suits you best.

Tips to Navigate the Process

Regardless of whether you choose to plan your wedding yourself or hire a wedding planner, here are some general tips to help you navigate the process:

  1. Set a budget: Determine your wedding budget early on, as it will guide your decisions throughout the planning process.

  2. Research and book venues early: Popular wedding venues in Hong Kong get booked quickly, so begin your search as soon as possible.

  3. Obtain the necessary legal documents: If you're a foreigner getting married in Hong Kong, make sure to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and obtain the necessary documents in advance.

  4. Coordinate with vendors: Whether it's arranging catering, hiring a photographer, or selecting the flowers, make sure to communicate your vision and requirements clearly to your vendors.

  5. Consider cultural customs: Hong Kong has various cultural customs and traditions. Consider incorporating them into your wedding to make it unique and respectful.

Recommended Wedding Photographers and Florists in Hong Kong

Finding the right wedding photographer and florist is crucial to capturing beautiful memories and creating a stunning ambiance. Here are a few recommendations:

Wedding Photographers:

  • Johnathan Li Photography: Known for capturing timeless and artistic shots, Johnathan Li Photography provides exceptional wedding photography services.

  • Aperture Film: This award-winning HK videography team specializes in capturing intimate and emotional moments through their lens.

  • MC Photography: MC Photography is renowned for their contemporary and stylish approach to wedding photography, creating captivating images.

Wedding Florists:

  • Ellermann: Known for their exquisite floral designs, Ellermann offers personalized services to create stunning floral arrangements and installations for weddings.

  • Solomon Bloemen: Solomon Bloemen is known for their unique and innovative floral designs. They aim to create arrangements that reflect each couple's personality and style.

  • The Floristry Focusing on creative and sustainable designs, Flos on the Folk offers stunning floral arrangements curated with seasonal blooms.

Of course if you are a fuss-free bride who just wants an affordable and quick bouquet, consider ourselves at Flowerbee! Many of our collections come with a bridal bouquet option.

Remember to schedule consultations with potential photographers and florists to discuss your requirements and ensure they align with your vision for the wedding.

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