Flower arrangements are a beautiful way to add color and elegance to any space. Whether you're planning a special event or simply want to brighten up your home, using a flower oasis can help you create stunning arrangements that will impress everyone.  Flowerbee introduces different flower arrangements that can be created using a flower oasis, allowing you to unleash your creativity and showcase the beauty of nature.

1. Classic Centerpiece

A classic centerpiece arrangement is perfect for formal occasions or as a focal point on your dining table. Start by soaking the flower oasis in water until it's fully saturated. Trim the stems of your chosen flowers at an angle and insert them into the oasis, creating a dome shape. Add greenery around the edges to give it a polished look.

2. Cascading Bouquet

A cascading bouquet is a romantic and whimsical arrangement that's ideal for weddings or special celebrations. Soak the flower oasis and secure it to a bouquet holder. Begin by adding long-stemmed flowers, such as roses or lilies, to the top of the oasis. Gradually work your way down, allowing the flowers to cascade naturally. Fill in any gaps with smaller blooms and greenery.

3. Vertical Wall Display

Create a stunning vertical wall display by attaching a flower oasis to a sturdy backing, such as a wooden board or wire mesh. Soak the oasis and insert a variety of flowers and foliage into it, arranging them in a way that covers the entire surface. Hang the display on a wall or use it as a backdrop for special events.

4. Floating Floral Arrangement

Add a touch of elegance to your table settings with a floating floral arrangement. Soak a small piece of flower oasis and place it in a shallow dish filled with water. Trim the stems of your chosen flowers and insert them into the oasis. The flowers will float on the water, creating a visually stunning centerpiece.

5. Wreath

A wreath made with a flower oasis is a versatile and long-lasting decoration. Soak the oasis and shape it into a ring. Insert a variety of flowers, foliage, and even dried elements like pinecones or berries into the oasis, covering the entire surface. Hang the wreath on your front door or use it as a centerpiece by placing a candle in the center.


插花是為任何空間增添色彩和優雅的美麗方式。 無論您是計劃舉辦特別活動還是只是想美化您的家,使用花綠洲都可以幫助您打造令人驚嘆的佈置,給每個人留下深刻的印象。 Flowerbee 推出了可以利用花綠洲創作的不同插花,讓您釋放創造力,展現自然美。

1. 經典的中心裝飾品
經典的中心裝飾非常適合正式場合或作為餐桌上的焦點。 首先將花綠洲浸泡在水中,直到完全飽和。 以一定角度修剪您選擇的花朵的莖並將它們插入綠洲,形成圓頂形狀。 在邊緣添加綠色植物,使其看起來更加光滑。

層疊花束是一種浪漫而異想天開的佈置,非常適合婚禮或特殊慶祝活動。 浸泡花綠洲並將其固定在花束架上。 首先在綠洲的頂部添加長莖花卉,例如玫瑰或百合花。 逐漸向下,讓花朵自然層疊。 用較小的花朵和綠色植物填補任何空隙。

3. 豎牆展示
將花綠洲固定在堅固的背襯(例如木板或金屬絲網)上,打造令人驚嘆的垂直牆展示。 浸泡綠洲並將各種花朵和樹葉插入其中,以覆蓋整個表面的方式排列它們。 將顯示器掛在牆上或用作特殊活動的背景。

4. 漂浮插花
用漂浮的花卉佈置為您的餐桌佈置增添一抹優雅。 浸泡一小片花綠洲,並將其放入裝有水的淺盤中。 修剪您選擇的花朵的莖並將它們插入綠洲。 花朵會漂浮在水面上,形成視覺上令人驚嘆的中心裝飾。

5. 花圈
用花綠洲製成的花環是一種多功能且持久的裝飾。 浸泡綠洲並將其塑造成環形。 將各種花朵、葉子,甚至松果或漿果等乾燥元素插入綠洲,覆蓋整個表面。 將花環掛在前門上,或在中心放置蠟燭將其用作中心裝飾。

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